Leyna Bloom x Playful Promises

We've launched our fabulous 15th anniversary collection featuring stunning transgender actress, supermodel, dancer and activist Leyna Bloom.
The campaign is inspired by the opulence of the ballroom scene, where Leyna found acceptance and a safe space to be herself while competing with other queer youth. She has recently starred in the film Port Authority, becoming the first trans-actress of colour to star in a Cannes Film Festival premiere.

“Inclusivity has revolutionised the fashion community, which is why we pride ourselves on using diverse models in our campaigns to ensure that all voices are heard. We selected Leyna Bloom, because she shares our message of acceptance and we want everyone to know that: you can sit with us,” - Playful Promises Founder and CEO, Emma Parker.

"I really enjoyed working with Emma Parker and the entire team at Playful Promises because throughout the entire process I witnessed that Emma truly wanted to honor and show love for all women. It was a pleasure working with so many beautiful women of all body types and a designer who appreciated each and every uniqueness of theirs and brought the personal fantasy of who they are to life. It is extremely beautiful to see this kind of genuine celebration of all women." - Leyna Bloom

We included gorgeous models and performers of various shapes and sizes to truly celebrate women - thank you to Audrey Love, Delysia La ChatteNoel ZephirSydni DeverauxVera Safire